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Sleek Lens - a useful brush collection

January 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Some time ago I ve received an email that I immediately discarded thinking it was another clever spam generated somewhere on the other side of the world trying to force me to click onto something or buy some useless stuff. 

About a week later another email came in from the same address - this one's subject caught my attention : Did you get my last email about doing a review for us? There were no links to click, no attachments - I replied asking if I am talking to a human being. Cutting the story short - it turned out to be completely genuine folks from Sleek Lens offering me some of their product in exchange for this brief review. 

They do various stuff : Photoshop and Lightroom presets, brushes, PS actions and overlays, templates and more - basically useful stuff that a working photographer needs everyday. I was never a fan of of off the shelf products as these tend to be too general and if these are for everyone they often are for nobody. 

I opted for a portrait package for Lightroom called Strike a pose workflow - being a sports and adventure photographer people are what I photograph the most. Athletes and adventurers seldom wear make up or worry about their appearance never the less there are times that I do need to adjust or modify their complexion to make them look more attractive/gritty or determined. I shoot portrait of sports people also - Sleek Lens comes even more handy here.

What do you get?

package contents

a nice self extracting package with everything you need to install and start using the product.


Like I mentioned before - I am not a fan of presets as each photograph, each situation or event is different and there is no way I will let a different photographer/graphic designer from far away allow to decide how my photos will look like. I create my own presets and often only for a particular photoshoot. 

It is a different story however with local adjustment brushes. I ten to use these very often and I was very happy to discover a plethora of these in the package from Sleek Lens guys. There are a variety of different adjustments starting on general skin softening, through eyebrow/eyelash correction, adding a punch to hair ending on standard ones like teeth whitening. 


Apart from a plethora of useful tools folks at Sleek Lens offer a service that can really allow a photographer to focus on shooting rather than spending hours on editing. They have photo editing packages suitable for any type of photography!

In conclusion. A useful and handy tool to have for not a lot of money. If photography is what you do everyday it is an investment that will allow you to save some time and will improve your workflow in general. 






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