The time has come.

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It has taken me a while - one might say that it took me as long as my whole "photographic life" to finally put my head down and start writing about photography. There were many opportunities before, many failed attempts and equally as many times I tried to force myself because it was fashionable, required, needed or trendy...all that time however the idea was growing in me, taking shape and finally, hopefully it will become something frequent and useful. If not for the reader let it be useful just for myself as a tool for photographic purification and a kind of diary. 

A Diary that will not be a testament to craft development - there is an abundance of resources that you can read on technicalities, setups and settings. I would like this space to be a diary of my own personal development as a human and as a photographer although for me these two words are interrelated - becoming or experiencing something anew as one makes me better as the other... If not about the craft, although there probably will be subjects and areas I will want to cover, then what about? 

About the journey, the beautiful journey where my camera is my passport and where the destination is unknown and almost irrelevant.

not the destination...

David Hurn said : 

"I'm a photographer, obviously. My chosen tool for understanding life, and communicating the results of this search to others, is the camera." and I was never able to describe it any better. Camera allows me to enter and participate in amazing things nearly everyday...This hopefully will become a place where I will frequently share some memories, insights and realisations from that journey of mine. 

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